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Board-certified coach Grace Moriz joined Deborah Goldstein to discuss how by looking inwardly during 2019, she was able to courageously explore her Inner Source to clear external chatter and discover the truth, leading ultimately to Clarity.

Tortoise Institute founder Tracy Fink discusses with Deborah Goldstein the vital and achievable aspects of Self-Compassion, which are arrived at by fundamentally changing one’s brain through mindfulness, meditation and positive habits. Tracy illustrates how being present (instead of distracted by the unchangeable past and the unknowable future) will wake you up to the bad energy you’re perpetually imposing upon yourself. Many secrets and surprises are revealed during this enlightened conversation, which will give you the tools to show up at your personal best!

Lisa Hart, a recovering attorney and recovering perfectionist shares her Self-Compassion journey. Lisa has a beautiful, holistic view of living life to the fullest; I believe "you take yourself with you" -- in your career, your family, your community, your world. You can compartmentalize aspects of your life into discrete realms but you are "the constant."  Whether at work or school, as a partner or a parent, the same you shows up. Check out Lisa's coaching philosophy here.

Lisa has also generously shared her favorite Self-Compassion resources!

  • Kristen Neff - Self Compassion: the Proven Power of Being Kind To Yourself
  • Brene Brown - Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love Parent and Lead
  • Sharon Salzberg - Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection
  • 10% Happier - How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A True Story By Dan Harris
Courses and Guided Meditations
10% Happier App, with courses on compassion and lovingkindness meditation offered by Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg among others

Each year, DRIVEN chooses a Word of the Year (WOTY) to focus on, inspect, dissect and leverage to live a better life. 2020 was a big choice; after all, it's not just a word of the year, but the first of a decade. Ironically, once we landed on the word, everyone else 'wanted in'! We'll be exploring our WOTY with fellow certified Conversational Intelligence® coaches. So take a listen, and then get ready to have some fun gaining clarity over the year!

Grace letterpressLet’s just own the fact that women face unique challenges within corporate culture. The response from DRIVEN Professionals is an action-oriented solution known as GRACE In The WorkplaceTM. This signature series of workshops and coaching draws upon neuroscience and progressive 21st century leadership techniques, tailoring them specifically for professional women.

As a follow-up to Part 1 of our First-Time Homebuyer series podcast exploring your relationship with the realtor leading up to your purchase, DRIVEN is proud to bring you a whole new installment that dives into the nitty gritty of a necessary additional investment you’ll need to make. One of the final steps before closing on your new home is to acquire some protection that you’ll hopefully never need to use: homeowner’s insurance. You’ll learn the important insurance questions to ask before your home purchase, and what types of insurance are a need-to-have vs a nice-to-have. You’ll also discover a type of coverage that few people even know about, but can alleviate great first-year stresses in your new home! Witness the discussion, and turn yourself into a savvy, informed buyer.

Buying a home is an exciting prospect, and imagining yourself in your new abode can be euphorically surreal. joy can quickly fade from the home buying process, particularly for uninformed first-timers. It’s not until we begin to enter into real estate proceedings that the nightmarish unknowns begin to surface. This first episode in our First Time Home Buying series explores the importance of your realtor, also known as the project manager of your home-buying team. DRIVEN member Biserra Antikarov will join DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein to address the key questions, steps and tips to get all of your ducks in a row and score your NYC metro area dream home.

Let the holiday shopping begin! The rush is on to search out sales and cross items off your holiday shopping list. The process can be fun, but choosing gifts for certain people on that list can prove to be a burdensome challenge that gets harder every year. How do you find a gift for a friend or family member who “has it all”? What about that colleague you want to acknowledge with something other than the predictable bottle of wine or box of chocolates? Well, your predicament has been solved!

Marketing expert Deborah Asseraf will join DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein to reveal tips for choosing presents with “pop”. As the founder of Popcorn Productions, Deborah Asseraf has been on a mission to create experiences that pop, from events to marketing campaigns, and now gift-giving! This creative thinker will offer gifting ideas that will set you apart, defining you to others as a thoughtful and innovative giver. With a special focus on business relationships, Deborah will offer imaginative guidance to highlight and reinforce your brand through the presenting of just the right gifts. Listen to the interview, and kick off a productive and enjoyable shopping season with low stress and peak inspiration!

Dorie Clark is a nationally-recognized expert on personal branding, and one of the most prolific networkers we’ve met. Listen as DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein interviews Dorie about lessons learned from her new book, Stand Out.

This insightful interview features rich networking advice (especially for introverts) as well as tips and secrets to reverse the effect of a bad first impression. It will leave you not only curious about Dorie’s book, but more confident in your own ability to network meaningfully and successfully.

Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, TIME, Entrepreneur, and the World Economic Forum blog. Recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press, Fortune, and Inc. magazine, Clark consults and speaks for a diverse range of clients, including Google, the World Bank, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, the Ford Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Yale University, the Mount Sinai Medical Center, and the National Park Service.

In April 2015, Deborah Goldstein interviewed Jodi Weinstein about the nutrition basics that can help us all live healthier lives. Part Two of her interview, contained in this podcast, covers the topics of nutrition density, fiber, portion control, the hidden sources of salt & sugar in our diets, and the awareness of our own emotional eating habits.

Jodi has a Master’s Degree in Food & Nutrition from NYU, is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Dietetic Nutritionist. She spent 10 years at Mt Sinai Medical Center in NYC working in the inpatient and outpatient cancer centers. Jodi is also the author of a book on how to eat during cancer treatment called Tell Me What To Eat Before, During and After Cancer Treatment. She has also been the leader of a weight management group at her gym.

Are you a professional who’s recently become a mom (or plan to)? We know you’re well aware that juggling career and motherhood doesn’t end when pregnancy ends. Right through maternity leave and beyond, you’ll need to set yourself up to keep your footing at the office.

This, of course, takes careful preparation and communication with your colleagues in advance of your leave. DRIVEN Specialist Ginny Brown has immersed herself in the career/motherhood challenge multiple times, and has some of the most enlightening perspectives on the subject we’ve ever encountered.

In our teleconference, Ginny guided participants through the before, during and afterward of maternity leave for today’s first-time moms. She touched upon how to maintain your influence at the office while you’re away, and addressed some of the challenges you’ll likely face upon your return, including how to interact with colleagues guilt-free, poising you to ease back into the mix at your own pace.

The moms on this teleconference shared stories of how they’ve coped with these challenges, and discussed motherhood next-steps….like when your baby becomes more mobile! Listen to the chat, and implement the tips into your own upcoming career mom experience.

Within everyone lurks a subconscious bias. First impressions in particular are loaded with bias, and misjudgment only perpetuates from there. It is in our nature to draw bias-laden conclusions about others, turning us all into both the victims and the perpetrators, in our careers as well as our social lives.

Acknowledging that bias is a given, it’s in our interest to see the positive side of bias, and stack the cards in our favor. Dr Keila Tyner, an expert in appearance perception, is here to show us how with a podcast that explores subconscious bias from a personal perspective. Listen in and learn how to “play the bias game and win”. First, you’ll be shown how to look within yourself to keep your own subconscious bias in check. Then, you’ll be schooled on how to influence rather than dominate once you understand how others may be looking at you.

Strategic Dining is explored colorfully in this interview with DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein, conducted by Tara Gilvar, founder of B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow) in the spring of 2015. During this installment of “Brown Bag Lunch”, Deborah tackles questions such as “what happens if someone drinks too much during the meal?” and “I was out with someone who made a big fuss over the ordering….what should I have done?” Informative for anyone who dines out for business, either on a regular basis or once-in-a-while, this discussion will fill you in on the etiquette of the business meal, and the troubleshooting of inevitable unexpected missteps.

This podcast was not created by DRIVEN; It is a re-play of Deborah’s “Brown Bag Lunch” interview by Tara Gilvar. DRIVEN and B.I.G. are currently creating a sustainable sisterhood, and will be working collaboratively going forward. Stay tuned for more such projects!

In this new age of nutritional awareness, many of us have become reawakened to the concept of food and diet, attempting in the process to choose carefully what we consume and feed to our families. And surprise, surprise: Many of us have gotten the basics wrong, thanks in part to slick and confusing food marketing. Compound this with our on-the-go lifestyles, our food intolerances and allergies, and the pressure to cave in to our kids’ finicky palates, and we’re right back where we started.

Aside from avoiding all of the 21st century obstacles, eating healthfully requires, at its core, a basic knowledge of nutrition. It also entails a proactive approach to consumption during the course of our long and fast-paced days. DRIVEN specialist and dietician Jodi Weinstein and DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein are teaming up to support you in this modern nutritional challenge with a podcast that will lay out a nutritional foundation for you to build upon. The two will also discuss some nutrition myths, and common questions about diet and nutrition.

Ready to make the move and step up to a position of professional leadership? Listen to an exclusive webinar by Transformation Coach Jenny Craig of the Live Your Power Alliance that will give you your leadership wings. Learn the tools that Harvard University now says are more important than your IQ and technical skills combined! Uncover what Rutgers University Psychology Professor Maurice Elias calls “the missing piece to America’s leadership education”. Realize the cutting-edge new discoveries about how your brain works that are revolutionizing neuroscience and can help transform us into better leaders, build self-confidence, manage negative self talk, and achieve our goals.

Topics covered:

  • The Power of your Thoughts
  • One thought affects your success (energize vs sabotage)
  • Are you able to focus long enough to achieve your dream? Take an awareness test
  • Why self-help and leadership seminars have not worked in the past.
  • The secrets to neuroplasticity and autopilot.
  • How neuroplasticity works: the secrets to long term change
  • 6 Steps to changing your brain

Want to live the life you crave once and for all? Join Deborah Goldstein as she interviews The Mojo Coach Debi Silber in this high-energy podcast focusing on 4 crucial areas of health and well-being to help you to become your personal and professional best. You’ll learn strategies vital to creating that business edge, getting you to the top of your game.

Learn how you can create:

  • A lean, fit body filled with energy and vitality
  • A mindset that propels you to be, do and have more
  • A dynamic, charismatic and magnetic image that invites people to want what you have
  • A lifestyle that not only supports but amplifies your growth

During this podcast you’ll also learn…

  • The 4 crucial areas to strengthen in order to become your physical, mental and emotional best
  • How your beliefs, behaviors, habits, relationships and stress levels are causing health/wellness or illness/disease…and what to do about it
  • How to purposefully, powerfully and passionately lead your group, team or simply your own children
  • How to feel in control of your life, excited about your day, confident in your choices and sexy in your clothes
  • How to create and live a life by design versus reacting to a life by default

This is the audio portion of our 9-18-14 Community Event. We couldn’t video tape, because these FBI agents are often under deep cover.

Panelists Barbara Daly and Kathleen Diskin, special agents for the FBI who supervised the squad that arrested Madoff and investigated the depth of his scheme, gave us some surprising insight about the case, and about the new era of psychological research that followed. They were joined by Ginny Brown, founder of SEEK Safely to expose the nature of white-collared criminals and their victims, as well as frauds that take place in the 14 billion dollar self help industry.