Developing Future Leaders

Harness the power of your leaders through GRACE in the Workplace™.

Women's Leadership

Women often struggle to effectively harness their leadership potential using their unique strengths and advantages within the current male-dominated corporate context. Female leadership looks different than male leadership and navigating this nuanced and complicated terrain is challenging. At DRIVEN, we aim to inspire, motivate, and cultivate female leadership that is authentic and effective in today’s working environment.

GRACE Leadership Platform

Our unique approach, GRACE in the Workplace™, takes into account the most cutting-edge and relevant leadership techniques and training tailored specifically to women.

At DRIVEN we take core leadership skills and put them within the corporate context, GRACE in the Workplace™. Our focus is to enhance leadership among women through interactive, hands-on training leveraging real-life workplace situations and scenarios. We couple this hands-on, interactive element with the cutting edge science behind how our minds work and process challenging situations. Participants leave the training with newfound insights into leadership and tools and techniques to enhance their leadership muscles to make a lasting impact on work performance and professional development.

GRACE in the Workplace™





Emotional Intelligence

Managerial Skills Development

Newly promoted managers are recognized for their effective work. They are technical experts in their fields. But, as Marshall Goldsmith famously said, ‘what got you here, won’t get you there’, and a newly promoted manager is left, unguided, to figure out how to do their new job, which is to manage others. Coupled with this fact, the Gallup survey finding that “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers”, the need for managerial training becomes apparent. And managerial training comes down to developing the elements of emotional intelligence and creating environments of trust and psychological safety.

DRIVEN founder, Deborah Goldstein, as an active member of the Conversational Intelligence® European Collaborative has developed a series of experiential, interactive and adaptable workshops to ensure success to newly promoted managers.

Strategic Network and Business Development

Developing and leveraging an active network is critical for career progression in financial services. Crafting a strong book of contacts takes time, creativity, and a plan. Network management is a full-time state of mind, but does not constitute as a full-time job for most professionals. As a career progresses, a well-groomed and aligned network provides the businessperson with appropriate client prospects and powerful referral sources.

Although network building and business development are encouraged activities by firm leadership, these aptitudes remain elusive and unpalatable to many. Plus, network and business development are seemingly never the most important AND urgent tasks on a professional’s ‘to do’ list.

At DRIVEN, we approach networking and business development as the perpetually evolving process of relationship building. Professionals create tailored plans that are industry, role, and seniority sensitive. Most importantly, motivated professionals identify strategies that are comfortable for them.