Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Key to a Sustainable Organization

DEI Leads to Psychologically Safe Work Cultures

The concept of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) means different things to different people. The DRIVEN Team sees DEI as a necessary component of a sustainable organization’s DNA. Two of the Six Capitals of Sustainability are Social Capital and Human Capital. Imagine Social Capital as an organization’s culture: the networks of relationships within and around the company that lend to the group's efficient and healthy functioning. Human Capital is the collective "brain" of the organization: the skills, knowledge and experience possessed by the organization’s workforce.

But here’s the thing: Your workforce can be technically diverse by definition and still not be optimally effective if there isn’t a sense of inclusion. When people don’t feel psychologically safe, they won’t be able to bring their best brains to the table. People try, but from a neuroscience standpoint, they’re not capable of doing their best work. 

DRIVEN Supports:

• Diversity

Working with leaders to embody an Inclusive Leader’s Mindset

• Equity

Coaching individuals to move their mindset from Powerless to Powerful

• Inclusion

Creating Cultural Conversations of courage, candor and compassion

Inclusion Circle
Client Feedback

The DRIVEN Approach


Discover the neuroscience of inclusion. Experience Conversational IntelligenceⓇ as the foundational element of building trust.

Team Building

Co-create Ways of Working together and connecting with Conversational EssentialsⓇ.

Asynchronous Content

Consume, reflect and share video, written, and podcast selections to inspire discussion about inclusion and cultural practices.

Individual Coaching

Thought partnership for individuals to gain perspective, adapt mindset and utilize tools to contribute to and benefit from a psychologically safe culture.

Listening Circles

Create safe space to contribute to courageous conversations about cultural challenges and aspirations. 

DEI and Culture Building Experiences:

Addressing and Destigmatizing Unconscious Bias

Creating Ways of Working (WoW)

Managing Anxiety and Gaining Perspective

Embracing Allyship and Advocacy

Engaging in Courageous Converstations

Building Trust: The Neuroscience of Conversations

Practicing Perspective

Crafting Cultural Celebration