Diversity & Inclusion

The Key to a Sustainable Business

The Key Components of Psychological Safety at the Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion programs are no longer seen as ‘the right thing to do’. The business case for these efforts is indisputable both when it comes to the bottom line, and, more importantly, a response to client demand. 

Invest in Your Corporate Culture

If your company is invested in making inclusion and diversity part of your cultural DNA, DRIVEN can support you while planning and transforming your workplace into a psychologically safe space. We leverage a framework to ‘make the invisible, visible’, address and accept bias, and then work with Conversational Intelligence® to build a culture of trust. 

The DRIVEN Approach


Professional development on the neuroscience of inclusion and the key strategies to building trust.

Team Building

Activities to create a culture of trust and safety resulting in informal peer mentoring and beneficial risk-taking.

Asynchronous Content

Video, readings, and podcast selections for private practice and reflection on building trust and inspiring inclusion.


Peer-supported action plans and structured opportunities for reflection, pivoting and celebrating successes with collegues.


Team and individual coaching from DRIVEN experts to ensure that every participant can sustain and expand upon their growth.

Benefits For All:

Engaged, productive, happier employees

Increased staff retention

Psychological Safety

Decreased staff turnover

Culturally competent and inclusive workplaces

Enhanced profits