Intentional Productivity

Conquering Corporate Roadblocks by Effectively Managing Your Energy

Improve Workplace Performance

The corporate environment is increasingly demanding, requiring more and more from employees. The approach has been to put in longer hours at the office to get the work done but unfortunately that is taking a major toll on both individuals and organizations. When we are overworked, our productivity actually suffers and we spend more time producing less. Time is a finite resource but energy is abundant. Therefore, the way to increase productivity is through effective energy management.

Professional athletes are encouraged to take care of their bodies and minds as they recover from vigorous training and competitions. The result: They are razor-sharp and effective each time they compete. This is the approach needed for today’s corporate athletes as they are expected to be on top of their game 24/7. Organizations who want more out of their employees need to focus on investing more in employees so they can bring more of themselves to work everyday.

Establishing simple rituals can have a dramatic effect on work performance.

Increase the Energy

At DRIVEN, our mission is to motivate individuals to recognize the cost of energy-depleting behaviors and to take responsibility for changing those behaviors. We provide practical, research-based solutions for effective energy management, which we call Intentional Productivity. Intentional Productivity is about understanding one’s own energy, what fuels that energy, and what behaviors and habits are needed to maintain high energy levels in order to be the most productive at work.

Time is finite, but energy is abundant.

With small pivots and practices, the aggregation of marginal gains becomes BIG.


Testimonials & Shouts Out

Colleen Duffy, Managing Director, BDO Advisory Services

"For me, the most impactful part of the Intentional Productivity course was related to personal energy management. Prior to taking the course, I certainly managed my time and scheduled my priorities but I was unaware of and did not reflect on how my own scheduling was draining my energy – energy I needed to enjoy what I was doing more. I am now scheduling more strategically – taking advantage of when I get my best work done – and filling “gaps” with activities that help replenish my energy. It’s not about working more hours – it’s about getting more out of your working hours."

"Intentional Productivity is a great program, blending neuroscience with habit change. The valuable tips and tricks can be applied immediately and, while I've always considered myself productive, the program has honed my productivity to a fine point! The coaching sessions added an important dimension, allowing discussion and customizing the methods. Excellent program!"

Patty Block, Founder & President, The Block Group

Laura Nations, Director, People Initiatives & Operations, Armanino LLP

"Before participating in DRIVEN’s Intentional Productivity program I was experiencing burnout. I was becoming more reactive and losing my patience faster. The IP program gave me the tools to use on a daily basis to help proactively manage my stress, stay organized, and make time daily for mindfulness and wellness. Highly recommended for everyone today who wears multiple hats and is struggling to find balance and perspective." 

Productivity Programs

During our interactive workshops, participants will:

  • Realize the four types of energy that enhance or detract from your productivity.
  • Understand the effect of emotion on personal energy and productivity.
  • Discover the types of tasks that drain your mental energy.
  • Create practices to best leverage your work hours.
  • Design Moments of Mindfulness (MOM's) throughout your day to sharpen focus.
  • Recognize how to become fully present during non-working hours.
  • Gain tools to mitigate distractions and increase productivity.
  • Learn the power of celebrating their daily successes.

By incorporating small but powerful habits into their lives, individuals can see dramatic changes in their overall levels of productivity.