Leadership: GRACE in the Workplace™

There is much documented research to suggest that women face unique challenges within corporate culture, which is evident in the limited numbers of women overall, approximately 21%, in higher management and C-level positions despite the fact that women are earning a larger percentage of university and advanced degrees. McKinsey & Company has conducted several studies over the past few years assessing the impact of women in organizations, particularly at top management positions. They have concluded that increasing the numbers of women in leadership roles within an organization can give companies a real competitive edge by harnessing the currently under-utilized talent pool and unique leadership styles and traits that women exhibit. Additionally, further analysis has revealed that gender diversity at the top of corporations correlates with significantly better performance and profitability. Therefore, cultivating a corporate culture in which women can thrive is projected to be a key hallmark of organizational health in the coming years and decades.


graceHowever, the issue many women face is how to effectively harness their leadership potential using their unique strengths and advantages within the current corporate context that is male-dominated. Female leadership looks differently than male leadership and navigating this nuanced and complicated terrain is challenging. At DRIVEN, we aim to inspire, motivate, and cultivate female leadership that is authentic and effective in today’s working environment. Our unique approach, GRACE in the Workplace™, takes into account the most cutting-edge and relevant leadership techniques and training tailored specifically to women.


At DRIVEN we take core leadership skills and put them within the corporate context, GRACE in the Workplace™. Our focus is on enhancing leadership among women through interactive, hands-on training that simulates real-life workplace situations and scenarios. Through this training, participants can explore the many complex situations and challenges that arise at work, particularly as experienced from a woman’s perspective. We couple this hands-on, interactive element with the cutting edge science behind how our minds work and process challenging situations. Participants leave the training with newfound insights into leadership and tools and techniques to enhance their leadership muscles to make a lasting impact on work performance and professional development.