Modern Workplace Solutions

Employers must focus on employee engagement and productivity to compete in today's marketplace.

Employee Engagement is Not Just a Buzzword

Today’s work environment is increasingly competitive with longer hours and a more demanding job market that is in constant need of the latest skills in an ever-changing, fast-moving global economy. To remain competitive, companies must focus on increasing employee productivity and engagement – gaining the most out of their valuable resource, people. Approaches to maximizing employee productivity have traditionally been to increase working hours, increase workload, and increased pressure and expectations for output. These approaches are proving to no longer be effective, and at times even detrimental, leading to increased levels of stress and a decrease in performance and engagement.

Employees are running on empty and companies can feel the pinch in the bottom line. Research by consulting firm Willis Towers Watson finds that the most profitable companies have employees who feel “sustainably engaged” as opposed to traditional measures of engagement.

The “sustainably engaged” employees feel their companies energize them by promoting their physical, emotional, and social well-being. This holistic approach is achieved through leadership that demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being and a reasonable work/life balance (i.e., not working too many hours).

Cultural Workplace Shift:

Now, more than ever, a cultural shift in the workplace is called for. This shift is about cultivating a cultural corporate mindset focused on mindful communication, energy management and implementing new habits and behaviors centered on overall engagement in the workplace. Investing in learning programs – live and online – that allow employees to grow by improving their well-being, performance, engagement, productivity, and commitment to the company is critical for future success.

The DRIVEN Approach:

At DRIVEN, we are committed to bringing the most timely and innovative programming to our corporate clients. Our programming is designed to address the pandemic of stress, to promote intentional productivity, and to empower human capital to leverage corporate emotional intelligence that will lead to a sustainably engaged workforce. We employ current research and science to tackle modern workplace challenges in interactive, easy to understand programs with actionable next steps to building positive habits. We believe that well-being in the workplace comes from effective time and energy management, intentional productivity, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness.

Do you want to learn more about DRIVEN programs? Click here for more information. Program delivery is offered in a variety of ways that best suit your company needs including corporate workshops and seminars, live community events, and virtual learning and certifications. We also have a private client content platform, to which members of your company have unlimited access, that features a library of content to navigate at your own pace.