DRIVEN Resources

It’s been demonstrated that a co-creative mindset helps all parties involved evolve more quickly, and that professionals can learn from each other’s struggles, challenges and successes. DRIVEN’s Resources echo that outlook by providing a range of tools for building a co-creative workplace atmosphere.


The DRIVEN Videos page is dedicated to our past OfficeHours webinars, giving you full access to the sessions you may have missed or would like to review again. Often featuring guest appearances from authors, business coaches and wellness specialists, these webinars are loaded with valuable insight, statistics, and the responses to participants’ relevant questions. Topics include Corporate EQ, Resilience, Empathy, Feedback, Stress & Overwhelm, and Nutrition.


The DRIVEN Podcasts section is a bountiful resource for professionals who are navigating the demands of their careers while juggling the complexities of their personal and family lives. Deborah Goldstein has interviewed various seasoned experts on topics such as Health & Wellness, The Art of Networking, First-Time Home Buying, Creative Gift-Giving, Business Dining, and Detecting Con Artists, and it’s all here for you to access for free! And stay tuned: In 2020 DRIVEN will be releasing thematic podcasts throughout the year covering holistic ideas about living a strategically intentional life!


Some have said that DRIVEN’s blog page is our most valuable free online resource. And it certainly is our most diverse and prolific! Most of our more than 400 articles to-date were written by DRIVEN founder Deborah Goldstein, each thoroughly covering the topics that are important to the 21st century business professional. Jump in anywhere, and gain insight on team trust, mitigating anxiety and stress, handling control freaks, kicking FOMO, defeating the impostor syndrome, overcoming perfectionism, and navigating the dynamics of workplace feedback. Plus, you can expect links to various outside resources related to each topic including books, articles and podcasts.