Setting Yourself Up For Success

Congratulations on investing in your most precious asset: YOURSELF! Get ready for greater Clarity and Control which will result in creativity, productivity and realizing your life’s full potential. We invite you to ‘get into the productivity spirit’ by watching this Welcome Video. OR, you can glean all of the hard facts below.

This is what you can look forward to: 

  • A Weekly Busy Buster: Starting on 1/23/19 you’ll have access to a new Busy Buster each Wednesday for 13 weeks. Your weekly email reminder will bring you to the week’s landing page. You can read about the Busy Buster and then watch a short video for context and guidance. Then you’ll take on an Aspirational Challenge and an ExperiMentor Challenge. This four step process is designed to take you about an hour each week to complete.
  • 3 Individual Virtual Coaching Sessions:  During the 13-week program, you’ll have the opportunity to partake in 3 private, virtual coaching sessions with Deborah Goldstein. These sessions will help ensure that you’re deriving all of the benefits from the self-guided program. Our goal is that you benefit from the aggregation of marginal gains that will add up to BIG shifts in your productivity, clarity of mind, and life’s enjoyment. Sign up for your three sessions here.
  • 4 Q&A Sessions: In order to clarify intentions and share successes & struggles, we’ll hold four 30-minute Q&A virtual sessions. For those who like to plan in advance, the sessions will take place from 4:30pm – 5pm ET on February 1st, February 15th, March 8th and April 5th. If you can’t make one or more, no worries! These sessions will be recorded for your future reference.
  • A DRIVEN Certificate: All you need to do is complete the four knowledge checks that will be available after each of the four phases of the program, and you’ll receive a beautiful certificate of completion of this Intentional Productivity Program.

This is what you need to maximize your success:

  • A Transcription Journal: It could be a diary, a notebook or even a clipboard with paper. Handwritten documentation is more impactful than typed reflection. Don’t worry if your handwriting isn’t great; this is just for you!
  • Sticky Notes: For Module 5 work
  • A Timer: You may use your smartphone for this, but we recommend you invest in a stand-alone timer. You’ll be asked to use the timer throughout the course.
  • Patience: You’re building a new muscle; you’re not going to see results right away. Keep with it! Your life is about to change.
  • A Gift Mindset: Look at this as a gift to yourself– consider the time you spend on this work as sacred. Think of your weekly work as if you were servicing your most important client… Which is true… your most important client is yourself!
  • Secure Your Coaching Appointments: Go on over the Calendly and sign up for your three virtual coaching sessions. Look forward to this work.
  • Mark Your Calendar: For the 4 Q&A sessions from 4:30pm – 5pm ET on February 1st, February 15th, March 8th and April 5th. Calendar invites will follow, with information to join the session.
  • Play all-in, and enjoy the process…