Speaking Engagements

DRIVEN to Inspire


Are you hosting an internal or client facing event?

Why not engage a DRIVEN Professional to present a Keynote Addresses or lead a Curated Discussion tailored to your vision and goals for the event? Topics can be customized or selected from the portfolio of leadership techniques that we’ve been known to champion. Here are some examples of the most-requested topics.

Owning Your Career
— With Confidence

According to research by several top institutions, 85% of job success is based on soft skills, which includes the ability to put others at ease. Meanwhile, DRIVEN’s own study demonstrates that 60% of professional women polled suffer from impostor syndrome, which robs them of the confidence needed to engage their soft skills. Owning Your Career— With Confidence was developed using neuroscience and focuses on key strategies for building genuine confidence. We address genetic, societal, cultural and internal challenges that hinder our confidence and then offer solutions to begin building the confidence muscle on the spot.

Slowing Down To Speed Up

A motivated professional’s inclination is that we need to rush and pack our days to keep up with life. Yet, how often do you arrive at the end of a packed day and feel as though nothing substantial was accomplished? These days, which are crammed with good intentions, often result in adrenal fatigue and burnout. Slowing Down To Speed Up, antithetical as it may sound, addresses the sociological psychology of always ‘being busy’. We’ll verbally untangle our biochemistry and share strategies to keep pace for a long-distance victory.

Converting Your Inner Critic To Your Inner Cheerleader

Professionals tend to be inherently hard on ourselves. We take responsibilities seriously, and perpetually feel like we’re not doing enough. This can sometimes equate to a sense of not “being” enough, causing us to speak to ourselves harshly and insensitively. DRIVEN has mapped out the concrete first steps towards self-compassion and eventual self-acceptance, and uncovered solutions that work. By discovering and learning from others’ scenarios, your inner critic will convert to your inner cheerleader once and for all.