Paula M croppedThis week was quite productive. I stayed away from social media in the mornings (as in right after I wake up). It’s amazing HOW MUCH I can acomplish by not grabbing my phone first thing in the morning. It sets the tone of the day. Instead of browsing on my phone while having breakfast, I take that time do plan my day and have a sense of what I need to get done.

Also, I am including “social media/text breaks” throughout the day. I already used Pomodoro to break up my time in work and rest cycles, but now I’m doing a work-social media/text-rest cycle. It’s been life-changing. I mean, really. It’s like night and day. When I’m on my social media/text break, I allow myself to catch up with my social life. When the timer goes off, I get on “rest” mode and completely get off the computer/phone and disconnect. It’s this 5-minute period that I can silence that interior chatter and ground myself. Now, all I have to do is keep this for 30 days to become a habit, lol. That’s the challenge!!!

— Paula Machado, Co-Founder of Arseen