Nichol SmilingI attended my first DRIVEN event last fall, expecting a good networking event with other professional females. What I found was a room packed full with more than 75 dynamic women listening to a DRIVEN specialist speak about perspective, subsequent break-out sessions that offered invaluable professional and personal insight, and an intimate setting in which to network with other like-minded women.  I could not have imagined that I would gain tools that night to help me “maximize my position” the very next day as I sat through my evaluation meeting and enjoyed an incredibly positive experience with a superior with whom I had previously been unable to connect.  Now the only time I miss a DRIVEN event is when I’m stuck at the office too late!”

— Nichol Chiarella, CPA

You are the Message: Communication: This was the first DRIVEN event I attended. Being a graduate student I felt that it would be a huge advantage to learn about non-verbal communication and presentation skills. I left this event knowing more about myself than anticipated. Through a few exercises I learned that I close my eyes when I am presenting. I also learned proper PowerPoint etiquette that I actually put into practice during a presentation two weeks later. Using the tools and information I learned, I have to say that I killed my presentation. I definitely will be able to use all of the knowledge from this event for the future.

— Cassandra Palummo, DRIVEN community member

Yolandas_smileYou have done it again! Another amazing event, that was not only very helpful and informative but it gave me basic tools that I can use to continue to improve myself not only at work but in my everyday life.

— Yolanda Morgan, DRIVEN corporate member - after DRIVEN's 2-18-14 workshop

One of the things that was discussed in our small group was women in roles of authority and how to handle men when they don’t seem to want to take us seriously. I have a guy working under me on an account this year and I have been trying to incorporate comedy as it was one of the recommendations that the man in our group as well as another woman suggested and it has been working!!

— Elise, NYC financial services manager

As a partner at Anchin and the chairperson of Anchin’s Women’s Initiative Network, I consider DRIVEN a tremendous resource for professional women. Not only to meet and network with professional women but the group is focused on helping women grow, learn and yes Advance!! We were honored to host a DRIVEN event and look forward to developing a relationship with DRIVEN.

— Terry Pissi, Partner Anchin, Block and Anchin

Who knew strategic dining could be so fun? This hands-on workshop allowed me to brush up on some skills while also learning new ones. Since the workshop I’ve attended 3 business lunches and felt more confident thanks to Deborah’s helpful tips. Every business woman should be required to take this workshop! Bravo!

— Jenny Green Powers, Founder, Running with Heels

OxanaCropped“Don’t let anger consume you. When emotions run high, take a break, step away. It is very important to think of consequences before we act and we can’t think clearly when emotions overcome us”, said Oxana Olach when asked what her baby step was after the Anger in the Workplace community event.

— Oxana Olach, Tax Manager, Anchin Block & Anchin

On the way home, I got a text from my husband that he was angry at me (for something that truly was not my fault). Rather than get worked up on the car ride home and prepare for a fight, I changed the INTERNAL cue and looked under MY umbrella to discover why I was getting angry. (Felt attacked and wrongly judged).  When I got home, I asked him why he was upset…LISTENED to his perspective without commenting…validated what he was feeling…then presented my thinking on the issue. We had a conversation instead of a fight!

— DRIVEN Anger in the workplace participant, Work lessons applied to personal life

SachinQuestion: What would you say to someone who was considering joining? “Do it! It would give you tools you could use whether male or female to move ahead. It will give you better management styles from other people’s perspective. You will become more aware of your surroundings; it will help you grow as person.”

— Sachin Sawhney, DRIVEN Pioneer Member

Robyn Brooks Gluckman WACDRIVEN provides a rare opportunity to meet other like-minded women (and men) from other walks of life. I feel like I’m a part of something that has great potential and I’ve already met so many people. I have access to great women (and men). I get personal and networking growth out of DRIVEN!

— Robyn Brooks, DRIVEN Pioneer Member