OfficeHours May 15, 2020

What's Real, What's True, and What's Neither with guest Ute Franzen-Waschke

Deborah and Ute discuss achieving clarity by acknowledging the contrast between one's personal truth and objective facts.

OfficeHours March 20, 2020

Clarify Your Vision & Achieve Your Goals with guest Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic

Tanja shares the challenges she encountered in defining her aspirations, and how YOU can gain clarity using her formula.

OfficeHours January 17th, 2020

Journaling As A Leadership Tool

Deborah Goldstein Interviews Dominique Ara About the art and the benefits of Journaling.

OfficeHours November 15, 2019

Releasing The Need to Please Others

Deborah Goldstein is joined by special guest Juliana Ashley to discuss how to focus more on your agenda than others' needs.

OfficeHours September 20, 2019

Releasing The Past

Deborah Goldstein Discusses and Elaborates On How To Release Wasted Emotions From Your Past, Including Shame and Guilt

OfficeHours June 21, 2019

Releasing The Need To Control

Deborah Goldstein lays out the reasons why we become control freaks at work, and offers effective advice and solutions.

OfficeHours April 17, 2020

From Crisis to Clarity with guest Charlotte Weston-Horsmann

Charlotte discusses with Deborah how a traumatic episode gave her clarity and perspective in a fundamental sense.

OfficeHours February 21, 2020

The Practice of Self-Compassion with Jayne Jenkins

Jayne Jenkins shares her Self-Compassion Tool Box with DRIVEN Professionals. Don't miss out on these powerful tips. 

January 2020

The Power of Journaling with Deborah Goldstein

Deborah Goldstein is interviewed about Journaling by Jayne Jenkins of Churchill Leadership Group.

OfficeHours December 20th, 2019

Releasing Your Limiting Beliefs

Deborah Goldstein leads an interactive discussion about how to eliminate the beliefs that hold you back.

OfficeHours October 18, 2019

Releasing Judgement, Assumptions & Conclusions

Deborah Goldstein leads a discussion exploring how to eliminate the biases & blind spots we bring to our interactions.

OfficeHours Aug 16, 2019

Releasing Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Deborah Goldstein leads an interactive discussion exploring some solutions for career-related stress.

OfficeHours May 17, 2019

Release Your Resistance with Deborah Naish

Business Transformation Coach Deborah Naish guides you through her custom-devised 3-step model to address resistance from others and within yourself.

OfficeHours, March 15, 2019

Your Self-Care How-To with Roland Denzel

Deborah Goldstein is joined by author and Restorative Exercise Specialist Roland Denzel to share the well-researched and effective practices that have helped his clients live healthy lives with attention to self-care.

OfficeHours, February 15, 2019

The Impostor Syndrome’s Antidote

Deborah Goldstein interacts with participants to help them dissect their inner impostors, and gives wisdom and advice for overcoming unwarranted fears.

OfficeHours January 18, 2019

Being A Boss Without Being a Bitch

Deborah Goldstein interacts with participants who aim to solve the dilemma of being an effective boss without being perceived as bossy.

OfficeHours December 21, 2018

The Art of Offering Feedback

Deborah Goldstein explores and answers live questions about the challenges of effectively giving workplace feedback to a report.

OfficeHours November 16, 2018

Empathy: A Critical Driver of Workplace Performance

Deborah Goldstein explores and answers live questions about the function of empathy in a productive workplace.

Lenka Wiles Makes Partner at RSM!

The long-time DRIVEN Professional shares some thoughts on the role played by her mentors and coaches along her journey to promotion.

OfficeHours October 19, 2018

Retrain That Brain! Your Shortcuts To Executive Presence

Deborah Goldstein explores the science behind neuroplasticity and how it can affect your gravitas, appearance and communication style

OfficeHours September 21, 2018

Brain Food For Smarties with Fen Yee Teh

Deborah Goldstein is joined by Fen Yee Teh to explore many food options that benefit brain function.

OfficeHours July 20, 2018

Sleep: You HAVE the Time, Make the Investment!

Deborah Goldstein is joined by health coach Jennie Fagen for a discussion about the importance and accessibility of sleep

OfficeHours June 15, 2018

Building Emotional Resilience Through Meditation

Deborah Goldstein gets to the root of meditation as the linchpin of emotional intelligence with meditation expert Phyllis Thorne

Corporate Emotional Intelligence

Fear & The Workplace

Cara Power of Cara Power Coaching investigates with you workplace fear and devises techniques to mitigate it.

Corporate Emotional Intelligence

Anger in the Workplace

WAC's 1-29-14 communicty event was shocking to all who think they aren't angry. We all deal with anger.

Tough Talks

Our Panel Discussion Explores The Importance of 401K's, Long-Term Health Insurance and Last Wills.