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Experiential Workshops and Team-building

DRIVEN’s Workshops create an ideal environment for designing cultural language, protocols and practices while letting individuals excel and shine.

Whether as a series, in module format or as a stand-alone, our workshops are created based on a combination of past client experience, DRIVEN’s expertise in Conversational Intelligencer® and Diversity Coaching, and current research in the fields of education, learning, neuroscience, leadership development, diversity and productivity, tailored to each client’s needs. These sessions are interactive, experiential, reflective, thought-provoking and fun— which is imperative to improving employee morale and teamwork, and for building trusting relationships and increasing employee retention.

Upcoming Workshops

Conversational Intelligence®: Creating a Culture of Trust

The Neurochemistry of Conversations

Creating an Inclusive Culture

Understanding Unconscious Bias

The Neurochemistry of an Inclusive Culture

The Ladder to Leadership: Self-Leadership

Corporate Emotional Intelligence: The Key to a Successful Career

Taking the Fear out of Feedback

Building Trust: Creating Psychological Safety

The ExperiMentor Mindset: Taking the Fear out of Failure

Creating Meaningful Conversations

Creating an inclusive team environment: sharing concern for success and well being.

Networking: The Lifecycle of Cultivating Relationships

Networking Strategies

Strategic Dining℠: Leveraging the Business Meal

Own Your Career: With Confidence

Intentional Productivity: Managing Overwhelm

Maximizing Productivity: Ditching Workplace Distractions

The Power of Habit

Personal Energy Management: To Get More Done in Less Time