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Empowering companies and individuals to thrive in the 21st century work landscape.



DRIVEN Professionals (DRIVEN) works with evolved organizations to support and leverage their greatest asset: their human capital. Motivated employees become qualified for career advancement due to an understanding of leadership’s best practices, enhanced productivity and business development strategies. Our mission is to support and provide tools to enable motivated professionals to live more productive, engaged and energized lives.

DRIVEN’s Focus: 

Creating a 21st Century Workplace Culture

  • Modeling Conversational Intelligence®
  • Embedding Psychological Safety
  • Building Inclusion & Diversity
    • Exploring Implicit Bias
    • Employing Diversity Coaching

Developing Future Leaders 

  • Leadership Series Platform: G.R.A.C.E. in the Workplace℠
  • Managerial Series Platform: 4 Crucial Skills for Managerial Success
  • Strategic Business and Network Development 

Enabling Intentional Productivity with protocols, practices & tools to:

  • Manage stress, overwhelm & procrastination
  • Leverage personal energy
  • Tap into creativity and enhance engagement

How We Do It:

Coaching / Consulting

We offer executive coaching formats for individuals or entire organizational teams.

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Helping professionals identify their aspirations and then supporting them as they reach for their goals.

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Virtual Learning

Designed to allow professionals to improve their well-being, performance, engagement and productivity.

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DRIVEN’s Holistic Methodology:

Strategic Learning

Concentrated practices that accelerate behavior change and tangible results.


Experience then Learn the Theory. This is a formula that makes learning stick.

Employee Learning on Computer

Based In Neuroscience

Incremental adaptation of behavior & real-time self-regulation and the regulation of those with whom you’re interacting.


The key to engagement and productivity. 

Self Compassion & Self Care

The foundational pillars essential to fulfilling your greatest potential. 

Self Compassion & Self Care

The foundational pillars essential to fulfilling your greatest potential. 


“DRIVEN has provided me with practical tools and actionable strategies to increase my productivity and better service my clients.”


“Deborah never stopped thinking about ways she could help me and how she could avail her extensive network and resources for my benefit.”  


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