“…the magic of DRIVEN, however, is not only in its offering excellent interactive programs that foster the business side of the equation but in structuring equally compelling programming that targets and nurtures the oft neglected personal side. Acknowledging that more meaningful success can be achieved by fostering both aspects of this dichotomy is an important step of self-improvement in the business world and beyond.”

— Yolanda Kanes , Partner, Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse Hirschtritt

“DRIVEN provides a forum for thought-provoking conversation and comprehensive workshop training covering a range of topics that help professionals create the careers they want.”

— Barbara Casulli, Senior Director, Head of Marketing, RSM

“DRIVEN has provided me with practical tools and actionable strategies to increase my productivity and better service my clients.”

— Lisa Stone, Principal Senior Investment Advisor Group, Bernstein Global Wealth Management

“As a partner of Anchin and the chairperson of Anchin’s Women’s Initiative Network, I consider DRIVEN a tremendous resource for professional women. Not only can I meet and network with professional women, but the group is focused on helping women grow, learn and yes…. Advance!”

— Terry Pissi, Partner, Anchin, Block & Anchin

“I’ve built my career on the understanding and application of Emotional Intelligence. Every successful company today utilizes EQ as a differentiator. DRIVEN offers substantive and holistic training in Corporate Emotional Intelligence; a key to career success— especially in the 21st century.”

— Ricky Rahaman, Partner, KPMG

“Deborah has coached me for years through several phases of my career and personal development. We’ve worked primarily on leadership and productivity techniques. She’s been my coach, motivator, thought partner, mentor, and my teacher. I’ve evolved from feeling somewhat paralyzed with impostor syndrome to a leader with confidence in my ability to spearhead a team and reach beyond my comfort zone. My current job requires that I work in the “gray area”. Deborah continues to get me more comfortable with messy. Every time we work together, I leave with a new outlook and digestible next steps that keep me moving forward no matter how messy things feel. I can honestly say that I’m out of comfort zone at work, I’m kind-of nailing it, and I wouldn’t be here without Deborah.”


“Initially, I met Deborah Goldstein when she was working with our firm’s Women’s Business Resource Group— a group which was established to focus on the recruitment, development and advancement of women in the profession.  While Deborah and the DRIVEN team’s program delivery in that regard was truly fantastic – relevant, agile, accessible and effective – it is in the individual coaching work I’ve done with Deborah since then that I believe her talents and passion to empower others shine even brighter.

Deborah gleans what is needed during coaching sessions to leverage the variety of tools she has in her coach’s toolbox.  From business development strategy and marketing plan development to intentional productivity habits to emotional and conversational intelligence skills, Deborah tailored and delivered her leadership coaching in a way that was both motivating and impactful – she never stopped thinking about ways she could help me and how she could avail her extensive network and resources for my benefit. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone who is looking to unlock their full potential, increase their level of self-awareness, and create goals focused on achieving personalized development objectives.”


The DRIVEN program has given me skills that have been beneficial in different aspects of my work and even personal life. During the course of 4 months, I not only learnt the high level concepts, but I am also equipped with smart tactics to handle several real life situations. Among many other things, there are 2 things I really liked about the program. 1) Deborah’s exercise based approach as opposed to a traditional lecture approach. This made me learn by doing as opposed to learn by listening only. The former is much more effective. 2) The office hours sessions helped the team here learn from each other, in addition to learning from the coach. Deborah was very good at assessing the needs of trainees and designing the office hours in a way that was most beneficial to our organization.

— Dolly Kamalpreet, Morgan Stanley

Deborah is passionate about helping women build their career and connection. She is committed to helping others. She has been inspiring, asking good questions and that triggered my thinking, also has created a few “a-ha” moments for me. I recently attended Deborah’s “Real Talk Real Food” dinner. Her program was informative and offered a great network and real life scenarios. The conversation is always amazing.

— Sha Fang, Grant Thornton

I am honored to have met Deborah and formed a connection with her that goes well beyond a business associate.  Deborah provides coaching in a very natural and authentic way just through having a conversation over a walk in the park, literally! Our time together never feels like a “coaching session” but as time catching up with a friend. Her ability to share her own experiences, insights, and way of thinking has brought me a new source of confidence and strength and growth in my own thinking, not just with my “day job” but as I approach life.  Deborah is clearly invested in developing others such that they can be their best selves and continue to being better not just for oneself but also for others too.

— Leena Patel, Grant Thornton